Give a gift with global impact

A Global Gift is a unique gift - it can change lives!

This Mother’s Day, show your mum how much you care with a gift that keeps on giving. Your donation can help make a life-changing difference for mothers around the world who are experiencing poverty and hardship.

It’s a sure way to make every mum smile.  

Give a gift with global impact
Women's Education from 15

Women's Education

This gift can help to provide life-changing education to vulnerable mothers so they can develop the skills they need to build their confidence, gain employment, and so much more.

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Women's Financial Independence from 15

Women's Financial Independence

This gift can help to provide training in small business management and financial literacy to vulnerable women so they can gain financial independence.

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Shelter for Refugees from 15

Shelter for Refugees

This gift can help to provide basic essentials like shelter and food to highly vulnerable women and their families, including refugees.

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Support Climate-Vulnerable Families from 15

Support Climate-Vulnerable Families

This gift can help to provide sustainable farming and disaster risk reduction training to climate-vulnerable women and families so they can protect themselves in the event of a natural disaster.

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Adult Literacy and Numeracy from 15

Adult Literacy and Numeracy

Your gift of education can help support adult literacy and numeracy classes to help break the cycle of poverty.

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Access to Clean Water from 15

Access to Clean Water

Your gift of water can help give vulnerable communities improved access to clean water for drinking, hygiene and sanitation.  

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Nutritious Food from 15

Nutritious Food

Your gift of food can help vulnerable families like Maria's to avoid hunger and put food back on their table.

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